Molton (Molleton)

Molton (Molleton)

high quality molton in three qualities: stage molton, deco molton, satin molton, for theatre, opera, ballet, disco, event, stage and more

Stage Molleton (Bolton Twill)

- 300 to 340 g/m²

- our stage molleton is 100% Cotton

- for professional applications on stage- and in photography

- flameproofed, equipped of DIN 4102 B1

- first Quality, made in germany, in heavy black is light-proofed

Satin Molleton

- 320 gr/m²

- Satinmolleton is a Bodymolleton with a beautiful Backsite

- Coarse on one side

- Tighter than Stagemolleton

- Use for higher Tightness, straight

- often used for Photo- or Filmstudios

Deco Molleton 165

- Dekomolton with a grammage of 165 g / m², black and white also 130cm wide
- Good for decorative purposes such as wall coverings suitable
- Lighter than Bühnenmolton, thus less light-tight
- Slightly translucent when backlit can be detrimental

Deco Molleton 130

-very leightweight Deco molton, good value

- suitable for small claims

- wallcovering for example

- only 50 running meter to piece available

- 2,60 meter wide

Special Molleton

- up to 400 gr/m²

- special qualities for specific purposes

- you find the attributes and all kinds of adaption