Shipping terms

Important Customer Information

Shipment costs information please see on the table below. All Prices additional 19% VAT. For shipments into Switzerland, tolls and taxes are to be paid at the destination. This covers the actual postal/transportation charges as well as part of the packaging charges. The shipment cost is charged only once per order if, for techinical reasons, the goods are sent in several shipments.

Freight rates Germany EU Europe Switzerland
up to 30 kg 9,52 18,56 32,20
up to 60 kg 19,04 38,80 45
up to 90 kg 28,56 45 56
up to 120 kg 38,08 77,35 86
more than a.A. a.A. a.A.

  • What does „p.lfm“ mean?
    Per running meter, which means if you need a piece of material that measures 6x3 m and the material is 300 cm wide, enter „6“ lfm. You will receive a piece that measures 6x3 m. With orders over 30 lfm, the material will be divided after 30 or 60m, depending on weight.
  • How long does delivery take?
    We try to send out the order on the day it was received. Allow for 2-3 days for shipment. In an ideal case, you will have your goods within 24 hours. When paying in advance please take bank processing time into account.
  • Which material is appropriate for darkening a room?
    To darken a room we suggest black stage molleton. This material blocks out light.
  • We want to install molleton to dampen sound. Which Material do you suggest?
    Stage Molleton. Basically, the more, the better; that is, drape the material in folds and if possible cover all relevant surfaces.
  • I need an exact pre-cut part!
    In accordance with our standard business practices we only sell by the whole meter. We will cut the material according to your desired measurements, round off to the nearest meter and make a note of it under „Comments.“ We send you the left over material with your shipment.
  • I need a photo backdrop. Which material is suitable?
    Molleton is optimal for photograpy. It is rough and therefore has a reflection-free surface. When in doubt a 300g quality is preferable, because a less sensitive quality can cause mechanical problems and and let in undesired light.
  • I need several pieces of a material. How do I order them?
    Calculate the total quantity, round off to the next whole meter and order that amount. Under „Comments“ tell us how you would like us to cut the material. If the cost of the material is adequate, the cutting is free.

Attention: tailored merchandise not returnable!